fix-columns-i18n merged

There’s a long-standing internationalisation bug in Exaile that has been nagging me for some time. In localised environments, column names get saved to the settings in translated form. This has annoying consequences.

No more; I’ve merged the fix-columns-i18n branch that I have been working on for a while. There’s just a catch: using existing settings you’ll see no columns at all, which means no cells, which means completely empty playlists. You can simply re-enable them from View → Columns.

Edit (2008-01-29): The remaining bug is fixed now.

2 thoughts on “fix-columns-i18n merged

  1. Anish D

    A similar problem with me. even after adding the songs to the play list, i cannot see songs in the playlist. The letters are not displayed thats all. I can play songs by double clicking on those empty cells. Cells are alternately coloured. Only problem is that the playlist appears to be using a font which is 100% transparent. (I am using Ubuntu Karmic Koala)

    1. Johannes Post author

      That would be a different bug; what I described here has been fixed for a while. Feel free to ask around in the IRC channel if you need help.

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