Monthly Archives: Oct 2010

PyGTK 2.22+ binaries for Windows

These are actually development versions of PyGObject and PyGTK as downloaded on 2010-10-27, not any specific release versions. Credits to John Stowers, who maintains PyGTK’s Windows port.

Update (2011-01-08): now provides official packages for PyGTK 2.22. I’ve removed all download links to my own builds.

NumPy dependency

PyGTK uses NumPy in one function and this is not documented in the Win32 README. There is some automated check to disable NumPy support if it’s not available, but it fails on my machine because I have NumPy’s binaries installed; PyGTK’s assumes I also have the include files, which I don’t.

No big deal; --disable-numpy.

pkg-config and space characters

pkg-config only gained support for space characters five months ago, and that’s still in their development version. (Insert expletives here.)

I don’t think I’ve used C:\PROGRA~1-style paths in years. Thanks for the nostalgia, pkg-config.