Shoutcast support broken, removed in future Exaile

If you’ve been using Exaile’s Shoutcast plugin, you would have realised that it hasn’t been working for a while now. This is due to a change in the SHOUTcast directory API.

However, SHOUTcast directory support is not coming back. The VLC developers explain in detail the problems that also prevent us from complying with SHOUTcast’s terms of service. The specific wording in the terms makes me believe that we will never see an acceptable solution, and that makes the issue of fixing the plugin a moot point. Following what VLC and Amarok have done, we have removed SHOUTcast directory support from Exaile.

Note, however, that Shoutcast/Icecast streams still work as long as you know the stream URI. It’s just the directory that is not working; for the time being, you can use the Icecast Web-based directory for this purpose.

In the future, we would love to switch to the Icecast directory, but their documentation seems a bit sketchy. If you would like to help with this, feel free to contact us through IRC or at the wishlist report. There is an Amarok script that you may be able to use as reference.

Meanwhile, I have removed the Shoutcast plugin from Exaile’s list of installed plugins. The outdated code is still in the source tree, but it will not be installed by our makefile.

[Update: I am was working on an Icecast directory plugin. It’s literally half-working (I can get genres but not individual stations, still figuring out why). For this plugin I’m screen-scraping the website because the actual YP directory seems to be incomplete.]

[Update 2: I’ve stopped working on the plugin for now as I’m occupied with something. Apparently there’s a working Icecast plugin in the bugtracker somewhere; I haven’t tested it.]

4 thoughts on “Shoutcast support broken, removed in future Exaile

  1. bummed

    That kills it for me. AOL has become a complete online tabloid syndicate. Shoutcast was the last online music system that didn’t bow down to this stupid thing called “Social Networking” that only exists to keep billionaires in charge of the carnival while the rest of us are treated like indentured and subservient clowns.

    So much for “net neutrality”, an online version of a “no call list” or a world so many of us envisioned that was supposed to be made better because of the internet. The future is very clear: the big dogs, because of idiotic licenses like the GPL’s (the 3-wheeled bandwagons that so many jumped on because they were “cool”), will outright own anything now considered “open source” just the same as Oracle owns Red Hat. “Oh, gee! We all get to play with Fedora though!”. Great, be a beta tester for the elite, peasant. Soon there will be no “community” there will only be “Social Network(s)” and we will all quickly be tagged and sorted according to what box our owners feel that we fit.

    Strict adherence to BSD licenses were the way to go. Theo de Raat was, is and will forever be… right. He’s right about privacy, security, licenses. It will all become painfully obvious within just a few short years as the Facebook’s push the Yahoo!’s, the Microsoft’s, the Apple’s and the google’s into a personal data collecting/storing/abusing/selling arms race. And because of what? Because of ignorance.

    1. Johannes Sasongko Post author

      I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say nor how it relates to this post, but I’ll just say that I am perfectly happy with Exaile’s choice of licence.

  2. Bo

    Sounds like Shoutcast sucks. Need a good replacement in the music players. This stuff has been happening too often. We need a Winamp equivalent for Linux.


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