Monthly Archives: Aug 2011

pasink, making PulseAudio sink management less painful

I have three sound cards (on-board, HDMI, and external) and the only sane way to manage them was through pavucontrol. pavucontrol is amazing, but I wanted a command-line app that I can use in keyboard shortcuts and udev rules.

This bothered me enough that I created one myself. If you’re interested, check out pasink (direct link to code). It’s a Python wrapper to pacmd, the PulseAudio console. I’ve thought of using libpulse through Vala, but it’s probably overkill for now.

The script lets you do things like setting volume on each card and setting a particular card as the main output device. I suppose doing the same on input devices would be useful, but I skillfully dodged that responsibility by naming the app “pasink”. It’s not that I don’t see the value; I simply don’t have the motivation.

If you want to extend pasink to also cover audio sources, feel free. You’ll have to rework the interface; perhaps let the behaviour depend on whether the program is run as “pasink” or “pasource”.