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Christoph Gohlke won a PSF Community Service Award in 2014 (and it went unnoticed)

In October 2014, Christoph Gohlke won a Python Software Foundation’s Community Service Award. Gohlke is the (sole?) maintainer of the most impressive collection of Windows binaries of Python extensions, and his website is often the only place to find Win64 builds of some libraries.

Despite his significant contribution, the award seems to have gone unnoticed. No official announcement, no news articles, no written acknowledgement of what he did that warranted the award. It’s not even listed in the PSF Community Service Awards page, which seems to have stopped being updated one year ago (update: this is fixed now).

I’m no management expert, but this looks bad on the PSF. The point of giving an award is not just to make the recipient feel good and continue what they’re doing, but also to encourage others to contribute to the award-giver’s interests. In this case, the first seems to have been cheapened, and the second is not accomplished at all.