… me and this blog

I’m a computer programmer currently living in Brisbane, Australia. In this blog I mainly discuss technical programming topics, but really anything related to software development is fair game. I believe in good user interface (in terms of usability, not graphics) and good code, and these are things I still would like to talk more about at some point.

If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is (last name)@gmail.com.

Note that none of the nicks/handles that I’ve used are unique. In fact, many of the “sjohannes”es you can find on the Web are not me. This is a feature, not a bug.

… my projects

Right now I’m only partially involved in one free / open source software project, Exaile. It’s a music player written in Python using the GTK+ toolkit and GStreamer multimedia library, with a UI inspired by old versions of Amarok. My involvement is pretty sparse lately, but I still use the software daily and fix bugs here and there when I encounter them.

I used to be active in several other projects: K-Meleon (under the handle “rmn”, maintaining its Searchbar plugin and doing plenty of testing and bug triaging) and Ruby.NET (doing coverage/unit testing and bugfixing). I don’t have anything to do with either project any more, but you may still see me talking passionately about Web browsers or programming languages/environments.

I also have a few tiny projects spread all over the Web: at Launchpad, at GitHub, and at GitLab.