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End of 2008 update

I took a long hiatus from all my involvements in the free/open-source software world, including writing in this blog. Right now I’ve decided to go back, though I may not be as active as before.

Things happening during my break that I want to comment on:

  • Development on Exaile 0.3 started.
    • A lot of the database-related codebase was rewritten, but the DB has never been my main interest anyway.
    • I don’t see Unicode support improving. At this stage I’ll just wait for Python 3 support.
    • Portability bugs have crept in; I’ve fixed some of them, but haven’t been able to run Exaile on my only Windows (Vista) box.
    • The main Bazaar branch now contains several symbolic links. The problem is, Bazaar doesn’t support symlinks in Windows. This makes working on Exaile that much of a hassle, since I effectively can’t checkout the main branch from Windows. Yes, there are ways around this, but the truth is, I hate fighting with revision control systems just to be able to do my work. </rant> I worked around this by removing all the symlinks in the tree and re-creating them when necessary.
  • Python 3 released.
    • In isolation, this news means little. Python 3 itself is not perfect—I’ve bumped into a couple of problems—so it’ll be a while before it gets mass adoption. However, this release means everyone should start thinking about upgrading their code to the new syntax and API.
    • Rules of three: I don’t realistically expect all of Exaile’s dependencies to be ported to Python 3 anytime soon. There are essentially 3 camps we are waiting on: PyGTK, gst-python, and Mutagen. 3 months is my optimistic estimate of the time we need to wait before we can start porting Exaile. After that it’s probably another 3 months’ work for porting. (This projection is wildly off-mark. It’s been a while now and none of our dependencies support Python 3 yet, as of end of 2009. See also GNOME bug 566641.)
  • The Australian government is pushing for Internet content filtering.
    • The founder of iiNet (a big Aussie ISP) made a pretty strong comment against this.

New blog

After writing in Adam Olsen’s blog for some time, I’ve decided to move here. When I started blogging, I thought I’d only write once in a blue moon (which I did). Now, though, I’m thinking of writing more, and it makes sense to have my own blog for that reason.