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In a bizarre turn of events, GNOME’s accessibility options suddenly made my desktop unusable.

If you hold down the Shift key for a number of seconds, GNOME will helpfully turn on the slow keys accessibility option, which causes each key press to require around one second to register. Needless to say, the result was massive confusion.

For reference, in MS Windows, an accessibility option being turned on via keyboard shortcut is followed by an obnoxious alert sound and a message box telling you what just happened and how to turn the option—plus optionally its shortcut—off.

GNOME mmkeys interface changed

Kjel Oslund just informed us that GNOME’s multimedia keys interface has changed.

That’s so messed up.

The reason for the change: “With the move of the gnome-settings-daemon to its own module, the DBus interface names have changed.” (source).

I’ll see if they’ve finally written a documentation for this interface, otherwise I’ll post an update to my old reference doc. I’ll put it in the Exaile wiki so it’s more “official”; it’ll also be simpler to edit if it changes again (*cough* API stability *cough*).

Of course, I also have to change the code in Exaile to support both the old and new interfaces. As a reference, the Rhythmbox counterpart might be useful.