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Google presentations: Go, mobile optimisation

There were two short presentations by Google earlier today at my university. The first was on the Go programming language, the second on optimising the Google Maps API for mobile devices.

This post serves as rough notes for the things I learned. I’m not sure everything here is correct, considering these are stuff I’ve never researched before.


  • Concurrent programming language. Déjà vu.
  • Weird type system: static typing, no inheritance, implicit interface declaration.
  • Composition = Ruby mixins?
  • Goroutines = coroutines = Erlang processes.
  • My guess is this will end up like D, Pike, Groovy, Nemerle, et al., but who knows. The syntax is certainly nicer than Erlang.

Google Maps optimisation

  • Situation
    • JavaScript parsing takes ages.
    • 3G is high latency but high bandwidth.
  • Solution
    • Static initial image (standard practice among UI people, but interesting application).
    • Less code (well duh).
    • MVC (not very clear how).